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Get the most out of your webinar training experience!

How do I access the webinar?

NAFCC sends training registration confirmation via email indicating a webinar contact person and when logon information will be sent.  Typically logon information will be sent via email on the day of the training, at least 2 hours before the webinar is scheduled to start.

The logon information includes a website link, conference call telephone number, and conference call code. 

NAFCC recommends logging onto the website 15 minutes early.  Your computer may need to download free software to access the webinar capabilities.  You will be prompted throughout this process.  It is very user friendly.  The contact person will also be available during this time. 

Call into the conference call  number 5 minutes before the training begins.



Once the Webinar Begins

Once you have logged into the webinar, you will be able to see the presentation.  You will also see a dialog box.  We recommend you click on the upper left hand side of the box, which will minimize it so it does not obstruct your view.

If you are unable to attend the webinar in a quiet area, please mute your phone while you are not speaking. 


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