2017 Pre-Conference Sessions

July 19-20, 2017, 8 AM - 5 PM

NAFCC Train the Accreditation Trainer

Presented by NAFCC

IT'S OFFICIAL -- You can be official. This two-day training will certify professionals in the family child care field to offer NAFCC Accreditation training in their communities. This training will be facilitated by highly qualified experts in adult learning as well as early care and education. You will:
- Discover strategies that motivate adults to take charge of their own learning.
- Identify styles and characteristics you have to be an exceptional trainer.
- Review necessary skills for teaching adults.
- Examine the accreditation process.
- Recognize the intent of the Quality Standards and the many right ways the standards can be met.
- Learn to encourage trainees to make the necessary changes in their practice.
- Be prepared to share the benefits of accreditation with providers, policy makers, funders, and community members to support NAFCC Accreditation in your community.

Upon successful completion of this training, you will become a Certified NAFCC Accreditation Trainer and will be allowed to advertise yourself as such. Take advantage of this opportunity to become an integral part of moving high quality family child care forward in your community. You must be a member of NAFCC to attend.

NAFCC Accreditation Observer Training

Presented by NAFCC

NAFCC Observers play an integral part in helping providers achieve this important professional development goal. Now is your chance to become an NAFCC Accreditation Observer! During this two-day (16 hour) training, participants receive specific information about their roles as observers and NAFCC observation procedures. Observer training incorporates a variety of adult learning techniques and practicum. Potential observers will leave NAFCC Observation Training confident they have the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to provide the accreditation commission with reliable observations. Attendance during the full two days is required.


July 19, 2017, 8 AM - 5 PM

Leadership -- Our Times, Our Profession, Our Responsibility!

Presented by Pam Boulton, Ed.D.

What does it take to lead for our children, our families, our communities, and beyond? Join me as we discover the skills and dispositions we need to lead and how to use them to strengthen and support each other and our field.  From Goleman's concept of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership to the importance of resilience and handling change through advocacy, each of us will finish our day together with new insights and commitments to carry us forward.  


July 19, 2017, 8 AM - 12 PM

How to Make Record Keeping Work for You!

Presented by Tom Copeland

You'll earn more per hour doing record keeping than you earn per hour caring for children! Learn how in this workshop that will cover the three most important record keeping tasks, recent tax changes, identifying all your deductions, hiring employees, and much more.

Little Discoveries at the Gulf Coast Exploreum (Part 1: Bridge Building with Billy Goats, Weather Exploration, Colorful Chemistry, and Solid Liquid, Gas) - Offsite

Little Discoveries will be offsite 4 hour trainings at the Gulf Coast Exploreum as part of NAFCC's Preconference on July 19, 2017. Each 4 hour training will cover 4 STEM topics. Participants can register for Part 1, or Part 2, or both!

Discover the world of simple engineering to find out how bridges are built to carry the weight of traffic. The classic tail Three Billy Goats Gruff will serve as inspiration for a hands-on project where participants will build and test different bridge models.

Discover the water cycle to understand why and how it rains. Eric Carle's Little Cloud will serve as the inspiration for a demo that explains how clouds work. Participants will also make a cloud collage of their very own.

Discover color to find out what is primary and secondary about our box of crayons. Participants will observe exciting demos that present chemical reactions at their most colorful.

Discover physical science and learn what matters about matter. Through observational and hands-on opportunities participants will learn about the three most common states of matter.

Early Learning Home Environment Tour

Presented by Gloria Sutton & Facethia Hogue

Join us for a hands-on opportunity to visit family child care environments in Mobile, Alabama. In this training, you will visit a variety of indoor and outdoor settings including Early Head Start and NAFCC Accredited homes. Water, snack, and lunch provided.


Innovative Ways Connecting Children With the Outdoors

Presented by Corinne Carr & Ilse Wilson

Participants will gain an understanding about the outdoor classroom. Knowledge of the defined areas and what children learn. A basic overview of how to connect children to nature and enjoy nature through all the seasons. Incorporating science, technology, engineering, art, and math in the outdoor classroom. Participants will learn about the outdoor natural learning environment, how to fully utilize it and the wonderful learning experiences it creates for children. There are many right ways big or small -- it's all good!


July 19, 2017, 1 PM - 5 PM

Business Planning: How to Organize and Manage the Business Side of Family Child Care

Presented by Tom Copeland

Managing your business is more difficult than managing children. This workshop will help trainers and providers create a business plan that includes: a startup plan for new providers, a budget, and the key components of marketing, insurance, record keeping, and professional development. Learning how to organize and plan your business will save you time and money!

Little Discoveries at the Gulf Coast Exploreum (Part 2: Puple Science, Animals of the Alabama Coast, Sink or Float, Turtle Science) - Offsite

Little Discoveries will be offsite 4 hour trainings at the Gulf Coast Exploreum as part of NAFCC's Preconference on July 19, 2017. Each 4 hour training will cover 4 STEM topics. Participants can register for Part 1, or Part 2, or both!

Discover how many exciting experiments you can do with the color purple. The lesson begins with Harold and the Purple Crayon and is followed by innovative and creative chemistry experiments.

Discover the life that surrounds Mobile by listening to the animals that share our neighborhoods. This engaging adventure is a storytelling style puppet show featuring the PNC Pupp-e-tree animals.

Discover the science of buoyancy in this exciting watery lesson. Participants will predict, test, and reveal whether an object will sink or float.

Discover more about turtles with projects inspired by Dr. Suess' classic Yertle the Turtle. The Mobile Delta region is home to more species of turtles than anywhere else on Earth. This hands-on activity will help participants understand why these creatures are so important.

Facilitating Engaging Experiences for Mixed Ability Play Groups

Presented by Rebecca Escott & Christine Anthony

Sponsored by Penn State Better Kid Care

Do you need help making activities work for a wide range of children with different interests and abilities? Family child care homes traditionally serve children of mixed ages. This makes planning the schedule and setting up the environment challenging. In this pre-conference session, staff from Penn State Better Kid Care will help you improve your facilitation of experiences for children of mixed abilities by sharing resources and examples from their on-line professional development system. Review safety, supervision, and observation strategies; practice adapting traditional preschool experiences for the children in your family home; try vetted mixed-ability experiences. This interactive session will include hands-on exercises and opportunities to connect with other family child care professionals. Recharge your programming for infants through school-age children. Video examples and print resources will be shared with participants.


Early Experiences Matter: Making the Most of the Infant/Toddler Years

Presented by Nikki Darling-Kuria & Amy Thomas

Sponsored by Zero to Three

Early childhood is a period of great opportunity and vulnerability to affect change. Early brain 
development and social and emotional development begins at conception and continues across the 
child's lifespan. Family child care providers nurture, support, and promote healthy early development in their daily care of very young children. This session will explore the latest brain development research and age appropriate strategies for how family child care providers can support early development and promote well-being for very young children.


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