IRS Audit Center

This center contains multiple resources to help you handle an IRS audit. It contains all relevant IRS Court cases, Revenue Rulings, and other IRS documents that deal with family child care tax issues. It also contains a series of articles I have written about audits.

The IRS issued a revised version of their Child Care Provider Audit Technique Guide. This Guide was written to help IRS auditors to audit family child care providers. The Guide should be read by anyone who is audited because it contains a lot of information about what questions you can expect to be asked if you are audited. I wrote a commentary on this Guide that explains how you can use it to your advantage in an audit.

If you are audited I urge you to contact me for assistance. If you are a member of NAFCC I can answer your questions by phone or email, conduct research on your behalf, draft letters to help make your case with the IRS, and offer advice about how to proceed. I can also refer you to local tax professionals who may be able to assist you further. If you are not a member of NAFCC I can answer your questions by phone or email. Consider joining NAFCC to get the additional assistance from me at no further cost! Tom Copeland – 800-359-3817 (ext 321);

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