Benefits vs. Features

Parents want to know, “Why should I enroll my child in your program?”

In answering this question, family child care providers should talk about the “benefits” rather than the “features” of their program. Parents will make a decision to enroll their children into program based on “benefits,” not “features.”

 Tell customers how the program will help them and their children

Features: Merely describe what the program offers




Open 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m

  • Convenient hours for a parent’s busy schedule

Substitute on call 

  • Parents need not worry about finding back up care

Large backyard

  • Plenty of room for children to play

On the Food Program

  • Serves nutritious meals


  • Meets all health and safety standards


Other examples of benefits:

  • Care for all ages, so parents don’t have to separate siblings
  • Child-led curriculum with planned learning activities and weekly themes led by an experienced preschool teacher
  • Close interaction with parents, supportive of families
  • Close to a park/swimming pool/playground so children can have fun
  • Enclosed yard for safe, fun outdoor activities
  • Energetic mother who loves children and will help them learn
  • Individual care and attention so children will learn more quickly
  • Stable, dependable provider with 10 years of experience

How to Identify Your Benefits

Give parents an evaluation form to fill out when they leave your program:

Ask them what they liked. 

Ask your current clients what they like best about the care you provide.

Ask other providers or friends to give you feedback about your program.

Ask your licensor what she feels is unique about your program.

Survey parents who have used your program in past years.

Ask the children in your care what they like best about being in your care.

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