How to Establish a Business Relationship with Parents

One of the best benefits of being a family child care providers is being your own boss. Provider can set her own rules: Why do parents not always treat their provider as a business? Because some providers don’t always understand how to act like a business.

It is always the responsibility of the provider to set the rules of her business, communicate them, and enforce them. We will never see classes for parents on “How to Pay Your Child Care Provider on Time.” Providers should not treat parents as their “friend.” Parents are looking for someone to care for their child, not for a friend. Providers may have a more difficult time establishing a business relationship with parents as compared to a child care center

Use The Three Choices of Life as a tool to resolve conflicts with parents

  • Choice One: I am happy. I can live with the way things are going now
  • Choice Two: I am not happy. What will make me happy?  Tell parents that they must follow your rules or you will terminate them.
  • Choice Three: I quit. I am not happy and I can’t get parents to follow my rules. It is too stressful to try to terminate the parent so I am going out of business.

There are no other choices in life. It is not acceptable to complain about a problem with parents and yet be unwilling to do something about it.