Legal Matters and Insurance

Reducing the Risks of Running a Business Checklist

I.     Self-Protection Checklist  

ð        Comply with all regulation rules.

ð        Follow your own policies.

ð        Screen parents before enrollment.

ð        Communicate regularly with parents.

ð        Screen helpers. Follow business practices—medical release forms, field trip               permission forms, parent evaluations.

ð        Report child abuse or neglect/Communicate with regulators. Get insurance to             protect yourself from major risks.


II.    Insurance

ð        Homeowners

ð        Business Property

ð        Business Liability

ð        Car

ð        Medical—Medical Savings Accounts and medical reimbursement plans

ð        Disability income

ð        Workers’ Compensation

ð        Long-term care insurance

ð        Umbrella liability

ð        Life

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