Child Nutrition 2016 Wrap-up 

Congress had plans to renew the Child Nutrition Act, the law that directs policy and funding to the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). In the last reauthorization, in 2010, CACFP received no rate increase or additional meal/snack. NAFCC and our partners are working to make CACFP a priority in the next renewal of the law. 

USDA Meal Pattern for the Food Program 

The United States Department of Agriculture released the final CACFP Meal Pattern! CACFP centers and family child care homes must comply with the new meal standards by October 1, 2017.

NAFCC and our members were actively involved in shaping the new meal pattern, and family child care providers are key to the success!  Learn what you need to know about USDA's recently issued healthier CACFP meal pattern and nutrition standards for family child care! 

Summaries of the new standards from USDA: 

Meal Standards charts from USDA: 

USDA press release on the new meal pattern April 2016

Background, tips and tools from USDA 

NAFCC's Summary of the USDA Proposal 2015

Read NAFCC's Comment Letter to USDA 2015


USDA reimbursement rates for the Child and Adult Care Food Program

Unfortunately, reimbursement rates for family child care homes decreased

  • All Tier I rates decreased: 1 cent per breakfast, 1 cent per snack and 2 cents per lunch or supper.
  • Tier II breakfast and snack rates remain unchanged and the lunch and supper rate decreased by 1 cent.

Why did the family child care reimbursement rates go down? USDA is required - by Congress - to update the reimbursement rates for inflation by using the Consumer Price Index for "food at home" to adjust family child care rates. The Consumer Price Index for "food at home" went down, resulting in lower reimbursement rates for family child care homes. 

We believe this decrease in reimbursement does not accurately reflect the real costs to providers. As we prepare for a new CACFP meal pattern, we’re continuing our advocacy in Congress to make a good program even better through the renewal of the Child Nutrition Act.

Get the details:

Food Program Action on Capitol Hill

Congress adjourned, unable to reach agreement on an approach to a renewal of the Child Nutrition Act

In January 2016, the Senate Agriculture Committee reviewed and voted to approve the Child Nutrition Act and it seeks to make CACFP a priority. Thanks to your advocacy and the teamwork of child care advocates around the country, the bill called for allowing an additional snack for children in child care for nine hours or more per day. This additional snack is a step that sets up a foundation to get CACFP to an even better place over time. For children who would receive this snack, and for providers who would get the support to offer it, this will make a difference.

In May 2016, Child Nutrition legislation was reviewed and approved by the House Education and Workforce Committee. NAFCC and partners were disappointed that the bill did not include the additional snack for CACFP, and took steps backward for child nutrition services in programs across the country.  

In December 2016, Congress adjourned. A new session of Congress will begin in January 2017 with new members and new committee leaders to talk to about the food program and about family child care. Legislation for CACFP will need to be introduced again and new leadership and advocacy will be needed! 

Tools and Resources for Action  

Child and Adult Care Food Program: Making a Good Program Even Better Food Research and Action Center 

CACFP and Nutrition of Young Children Food Research and Action Center 

Members of the Senate Agriculture Committee

Members of the House Education and Workforce Committee

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