Confused about CEUs for reaccreditation? Check out our resources below to leave you feeling CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED!


Learn about training requirements through our Application webinar

Watch from 30:38-52:06 to learn about all training types, including CEUs for REACCREDITATION


Think of it visually - remember to fill each "bucket"!


Where to find CEU training

  • Check with your local training institution, association, or licensor to see if they offer CEUs or have recommendations on where to find CEUs locally.




  • Remember - your college courses taken in the last 3 years or completed college degrees count towards the CEU requirement! Check out our full training policy here for details on how to count your college courses or degrees. 


  • Explore your options online! Be sure to check in the training description that CEUs are offered for any online course or webinar you enroll in.


NAFCC Webinars

Better Kid Care Penn State Extension

Early Educator Central 

Quorum e-Learning

ChildCare Education Institute

The Care Courses School

Kids Included Together (KIT)

Pro Solutions


SafeGard Classes Online: 


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