2020 Workshop Track Descriptions

30th National Family Child Care Conference – Norfolk,Virginia – July 15-18, 2020


Relationships, Interactions, and Guidance

Topics in this track might include: nurturing and positive interactions, supporting children’s emotional development and self-regulation, social-emotional climate, and family and community engagement.

Child Growth and Development

Topics in this track might include: physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language development, facilitating child growth and development, and approaches to learning.

Learning Environments and Curriculum

Topics in this track might include: curriculum and curriculum planning, language and literacy, mathematics, science, technology, engineering, the arts, social studies, culture, diversity, equity inclusiveness, dual language learners, space, materials, activities, transitions, schedules, and routines.

Health, Safety, and Nutrition

Topics in this track might include: Injury prevention, minimizing disease, allergies, dietary restrictions, emergency preparedness, physical activity, screen time, mental and social well-being, supervision, and the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).

Assessment and Screening

Topics in this track might include: observation, screening and referral, assessment, documentation, interpretation, planning, setting up goals and objectives for children, and using portfolios to assess and inform.

Special Needs and Inclusion

Topics in this track might include: children with disabilities, gifted and talented, children with trauma and toxic stress, recognizing academic and behavioral challenges, collaborating services, environmental access and adaptive equipment, and developmentally and individually appropriate practice.

Professional and Business Practices

Topics in this track might include: professional development, professional conduct and ethics, leadership, advocacy, administration using technology, marketing, contracts and policies, money management, retirement, business planning, insurance, and legal issues.

Family Child Care and the Early Care and Education Landscape

Topics in this track might include: public policy and advocacy, family child care networks, family child care associations, shared services, and advancing the early childhood workforce.

Quality in Family Child Care

Topics in this track might include: licensing as the foundation of quality, family child care in Quality Rating and Improvement Systems, and NAFCC Accreditation, Early Head Start, connecting research to practice, and practices for mentors, coaches, and trainers.


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