The National Family Child Care Conference is a special event for family child care providers across the United States to meet, network, and grow together. The conference provides an environment on unity in which many providers and advocates have met and became life-long friends. Providers share with us each year that they leave the conference re-energized and refocused to provide the highest quality of care for the children they work with. 

We've asked four providers, Debbie, Svitlana, Mary, and Corinne to share their stories of attending the National Family Child Care Conference. Over the years, three of these providers - Debbie, Svitlana, and Mary - met and have become life-long friends who reconnect each year at the conference. They have supported each other as they became presenters at the conference, and this year, in Chicago, they will be presenting a workshop together. Corinne is a family child provider who bravely decided to attend her first conference alone. She shares her story of how much she has learned and grown at conference each year since making that decision. 

We hope you enjoy their stories and that you join us in Orlando this summer to celebrate the power of family child care!

Meet Debbie Grace

Meet Svitlana Uniyat

Meet Mary Beauregard

Meet Corinne Carr


The National Association for Family Child Care is one of the largest national conferences that focuses on family child care. Attending the NAFCC conference is an opportunity to connect with leaders in the family child care field, collaborate, and network with peers. NAFCC also keeps up to date on legislative issues. By attending, I learn new skills and plan ahead for future growth in my business.

My first conference I attended was in 2014 in Orlando, Florida. I am glad that I pushed myself to fly to that very first conference by myself because it opened up opportunities that I can do in the family child care field. I had always wanted to attend and become involved. I look forward to attending each year thereafter. I have lifelong friendships that I look forward to reconnecting and reuniting with each year. Almost like a family reunion! I was pumped up and ready to return home to implement the things that I had learned.

The first year I attended the NAFCC conference, at the Tribute to Family Child Care, all accredited providers stood up and walked across the stage and I was one. I had goosebumps! Just the ambience and inspiration in the room of quality family child care providers. Standing as one together! Providers who followed the highest of standards for our children. What a great feeling!

In 2017, I presented the workshop "Innovative Ways Connectiving Children With the Outdoors" with a colleague from Utah. I was inspired to inspire others connecting children to nature. The conference always exceeds my expectations with a wide variety of sessions, keynote speakers, and exhibitors. I always come back with multitudes of new resources, websites, or helpful business information. I have gained great knowledge and made lifelong friendships and will continue to attend each year. I would not miss the national conference for the world and I am looking forward to attending the 2019 conference in Orlando, Florida!




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