Timely, Empowering, Engaging Conference Keynote Sessions

We are thrilled to announce the 2017 conference keynote lineup! You won't want to miss these opportunities to play, celebrate success, and empower one another in the crucial work with young children in family child care.


Presented by Shawn Brown

We'll open up the conference with a whole lot of fun on Thursday, July 20! Join Shawn Brown for "Push Play With a Purpose." Do you have an objective and an outcome every time you play a song? Do you want to totally eliminate any unnecessary waiting around and have your classroom running like a well-oiled machine? Then join Shawn for a lively and interactive session that will help you meet these goals. With music, movement, and hopefully a few laughs, we will start your day off with a bang!

About Shawn: Formed in southern California in 1993, Role Model Productions, Inc. began working with inner-city, at-risk youth. Shawn Brown, owner and creative director, began designing educational and theatrical programs that utilized original dramatic productions to combat teen pregnancy, gang violence, and drug abuse among high school and middle school age students. In 2001, Role Model Productions, Inc. expanded to Georgia and currently operates its headquarters in the city of Johns Creek, Georgia (north Atlanta). Mr. Brown, originally from Chicago, uses infectious music for hooking his audience into learning and moving while having "super fun." Mr. Brown and The Super Fun Show team travel to schools and conferences all over the country with his hit live show, "The Super Fun Show."




Presented by Liz Huntley and Mansfield "Pete" Key

On Friday, we'll hear from two child advocates who, with help from loving and engaged educators like you, rose above their childhood circumstances. Learn more about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and the risk associated with such experiences and how YOU can make a difference in the lives of children facing adversity outside of your care.

About Liz: Elizabeth "Liz" Huntley is an accomplished litigation attorney, dedicated child advocate, author, and lecturer. She practices law at Lightfoot, Franklin & White, LLC in Birmingham Alabama. In addition to handling large, complex corporate litigation matters, Ms. Huntley is regularly appointed by judges to represent the legal interests of of children in civil cases. She is also frequently asked by governmental agencies to consult on policy issues that impact children. She is a leader in the movement to expand access to high quality Pre-K to all four year olds in Alabama and has received several state and national awards for her work for children. Ms. Huntley regularly speaks to groups throughout the country, often referencing her own journey as described in her published memoir titled "More Than a Bird." She earned her law degree from the University of Alabama School of Law where she now serves on the Law School Foundation Board of Directors. She received her undergraduate degree from Auburn University where she is now a member of the Auburn University Board of Trustees. Liz and her husband, Tony, live in Alabama with their three children.

About Pete: Mansfield Key III, known to most as Ole Pete Key, is a coach, consultant, speech writer, certified HIV/AIDS Instructor, social entrepreneur, and mentor. Mr. Key is an international motivational speaker who is a leading growth development strategist. He has impacted the lives of over a million people through presentations, programs, and products, His proudest accomplishment, other than his relationship with God, is his devotion to his loving wife, Sharlene. He is the proud father of two beautiful daughters Erin Ruth and Joi Da'Nae.

Mr. Key has provided technical assistance to the federal government's Health and Human Service for all 50 states. He has worked with or consulted with the Centers for Disease Control, Department of Education, Department of Public Health, the juvenile justice and foster care systems, and internationally with the Dream Development center in Johannesburg, South Africa, and the Hope Organization in Liverpool, England. He is mostly known for his ability to use music, drama, and motivational teachings to educate and empower people to unlock their potential and determine their destiny. His character, Ray Ray, the Drop-Out Bully, has been presented at thousands of presentations and impacted lives in schools, churches, and community centers. He describes  his own personal life as once being a complete disaster. The kid who grew up on the "wrong side of the tracks" in the small city of Florence, Alabama has not always been a positive person. His purpose and passion today is sharing his story and strategies to help others. He believes that everyone has something special, but sometimes people just need others to help them discover it.




Presented by Stephanie Staples

Have you ever been tired, overwhelmed, stressed, and it's not even lunch time yet? Join Stephanie Staples, who knows firsthand that we can only do good if we feel good. On this high energy, interactive, idea-packed session, Stephanie exposes not only what you need to do to achieve uncommon success, but how to do it! Let's get inspired to take ammediate action that will positively impact your life and livelihood.

About Stephanie: Stephanie Staples is a master motivator. As she says, people either think she is brilliant or crazy. The truth may lie somehwere in the middle or perhaps is teetering on the brink of both. Or maybe being a little crazy is a prerequisite to being brilliant? Nonetheless, she helps people all over North America - from the Mayo Clinic to McGill University - live their lives with full gusto! Stephanie si also the author of two books (the latest book is called When Enlightening Strikes - Creating a Mindset for Uncommon Success) and various other personal growth educational tools. She is also an award-winning, international, inspirational speaker; a syndicated radio host; frequent guest expert on television; columnist; Certified Life Coach; and Manitoba Women Entrepreneur of the Year for Contributes to Community. Her programs have been proven to increase feelings of hope, happiness, and empowerment for participants.