The National Family Child Care Conference is a special event for family child care providers across the United States to meet, network, and grow together. The conference provides an environment on unity in which many providers and advocates have met and became life-long friends. Providers share with us each year that they leave the conference re-energized and refocused to provide the highest quality of care for the children they work with. 

We've asked three providers, Debbie, Svitlana, and Mary to share their stories of attending the National Family Child Care Conference. Over the years, these three providers met and have become life-long friends who reconnect each year at the conference. They have supported each other as they became presenters at the conference, and this year, in Chicago, they will be presenting a workshop together. 

We hope you enjoy their stories and that you join us in Orlando this summer!

Meet Debbie Grace

Meet Svitlana Uniyat

Meet Mary Beauregard

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My first National Family Child Care Conference was in Nashville, Tennessee in 2010. I went to this conference not knowing a single person and with very little expectations about the conference. I just thought it would be exciting to meet other child care providers in an exciting city! I was pleasantly surprised when I received my packet of materials for the conference upon arrival in Nashville. There were so many opportunities for professional development from diverse topics and all this training was directly related to family child care. I had no idea at the time that I would walk away from this weekend with a study kit for accreditation. I did not even know a single person who was accredited! The fire was ignited in me to become an accredited family child care.

What made this first conference so special was meeting so many family child care providers from across the United States! I had never been to a conference devoted to just family child care. It was so easy to strike up a conversation with someone sitting next to you because chances were great that they were also a child care provider.

                I met Debbie at the Florida conference in 2014. She then introduced me to Svitlana at the Minnesota conference the following year. We stay in touch via Facebook on the NAFCC Accredited Providers Group and at times talk to each other via messenger or phone. What has attracted us to each other is a common bond of what family child care providers have – big hearts, good listening ears, compassion and love of early childhood development, and providing quality environments for the families we serve.

                I look forward to conference each year as a way to rekindle my friendship with many of the quality providers who I have met over the years and to reignite my passion for quality family child care.


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