May 9, 2019


Today I was reminded how one extraordinary person can change families’ lives forever. I stopped by Mrs. Tucker’s house because I had seen on Facebook that she was having an estate sale. Her face lit up when she saw me, and she immediately began to tell her neighbor about how she had taught two of my children. She teared up as she stated, “I felt like your boys’ second mom.”

On the way home, I was reflecting on how one person can care so much about another person’s child that they become part of the family, and you couldn’t imagine what your life would be like had they not touched it in such a special way.

Then it struck me: Family Child Care Providers open their doors and their hearts to families each and every day. Not only do they share their heart and home with children, but they share their own family with them in a way that creates a bigger family unit. It doesn’t matter whether a child is with them for a short period of time or for many years – they love, care, and educate them all the same, giving everything they have to support children’s mental, physical, and educational growth, and they do so with passion, compassion, and humility. Most of the time this goes unnoticed.

May 10, 2019 is Provider Appreciation Day, the day that we celebrate your commitment to children and their families. NAFCC would like to take this moment to thank each and every Family Child Care Provider for their dedication to children and families. Today, we celebrate you. Because of you, children will thrive and families will grow, including your own. I leave you with this quote: “Here’s to those who inspire you and don’t even know it.” —Anonymous.


Your NAFCC President

Donna Fowler